Monday, March 1, 2010

Cheaper Options: Eco-friendly Dinnerware instead of rented

By choosing a unique venue that does not come with tables, chairs, plates, etc. we knew that it could potentially cost a bit more for having to rent everything. After checking out rental prices for dinnerware, we thought we could save money by choosing bamboo plates. After looking at various options, we found that to be true. [I also looked into the cost of plastic plates, and melamine ones; they tend to cost just as much as the rental plates plus they look and feel cheap.]

I ordered sample packs from various companies, and will review each set over the course of this week. I will also review other compostable/biodegradable cups, silverware, etc. as well.

After the reception, I will be giving the dinnerware to a friend of the family who composts (a win-win solution: saving money while keeping more garbage out of landfills). For those thinking about having a “green wedding” and/or thinking about ways to save money – it is possible if you think outside of the box.

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