Friday, June 18, 2010

We made our own wedding rings!

Yes, we made our own wedding rings --- how cool is that?! I found out about the Wedding Ring Workshop thanks to Miss Pencils on Weddingbee. As soon as I read about this (and couldn't believe my eyes) I went to dear fiance and told him all about it. He was really excited too and he went ahead and booked us an appointment!

This solid piece turned into our rings (two rings)! I love the symbolism.

The day was so wonderful. We picked up a rental car from the airport and drove out to the Virginia country-side. Chris, our expert (and was Miss Pencil's expert too), was so much fun to be around and it was so easy going. We took part in each step with Chris helping along the way to make sure that our rings would turn out perfect. I love it that our bands have the smallest soldering mark (that can only been seen if you're looking for it) because I soldered his and he soldered mine.
Working hard to bend the metal.

Chris told us that people have travelled far-and-wide to partake in this experience (Maine, Georgia, etc); and I can see why. I would describe this to people as a build-a-bear type moment: it's the experience that makes the bear that much more special and it's the same thing with the wedding rings. Prior to this experience the rings to me were just that: rings. I honestly would not have cared if I had one. But now when I'll look at my ring, I'll know my husband made it. :-)

Looking busy.

If you're thinking about doing it -- just do it. If you're wondering about the money -- just do it. Find a way. You will wear these rings every day.
Our rings. Yes, we made those.

FYI for those going to a Workshop: I'd suggest you'd wear closed-toe flat shoes, tie up long hair and wear comfy clothes. At the end of the Workshop you get Champagne...but if you don't drink alcohol, Chris (he thinks of everything) has sparkling cider that tastes wonderful!

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