Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hair and Makeup Trial

I went to Capello Salon in the Avant Building in Downtown Buffalo. One of the reasons I think they are a good choice is their convenience factor (the current plan is that I will get ready at the Embassy Suites, conveniently located in the same building). The other main reason is that they are highly regarded in the Buffalo community.

The cost of the pre-wedding trial service is $90 (which I think is a bit high for Buffalo, especially when my "bridal up-do" isn't an up-do at all)!

After the trail, the woman assisting me stated that anything could be changed for the wedding day, or that I could have her us anything that I use (such as lipstick/gloss). Weird thing is, I had to ask for her to write down the shades of the lipstick and gloss (how would she remember the day of the wedding if I said, "let's do it exactly as the pre-trial").

The immediate reaction with the hair was 'great' -- but after the day, and thinking more about it, the 'look' wasn't quite me. For the makeup, I thought it was 'great' in some aspects but not in all. First of all, I have some spots of acne, and some were still red (a noticeable spot on my chin). I mentioned this and she said that the day of the wedding they can make sure that there is no red. And while I don't wear a ton of makeup on a day-to-day basis, I wasn't sure if I would need more coverage for the wedding day (it is a long day after all, and there will be many photos taken!).

When my mother saw me about 3hrs later, she said that she loved the eyes and eyelashes (which I love too) but that I still looked too pale (I don't tan) and that I needed more foundation. Her reaction to the hair was it looked like I had two "horns" in the back -- and if I went with curls on the wedding day, I should have them more spaced out so that it looks more natural and not contrived.

During the weekend, I met with my photographer, and she mentioned that she had two trails before her wedding. I'm thinking of doing the same. I have confidence in that the woman working with me has the skills and ability -- and I'm sure the majority of clients ask for a rather typical up-do/bun.

Here is the inspiration I showed the hair dresser (who also did the makeup):

And this is how it turned out (photos taken without flash...if that makes any difference to you):

The two "horns" are on the right-side (the more defined curls) and became more pronounced as the day wore on (it was a windy day in Downtown Buffalo...but it could also be just as windy on my wedding day)

The total cost of the services for the day-of-the-wedding (or any of their bridal packages, found on their website) do not include a touch-up kit (unlike major metropolitan areas).

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