Friday, April 16, 2010

Out of Town Guest Bags

We're going to be giving a welcome bag to those traveling for our wedding (a majority). On many websites there are ideas for welcome boxes, baskets, tins, etc.; however, since people will be traveling on an airplane, we decided that a bag was the best option.

I was worried that a small cute paper bag may break after putting in some bottles of water, etc. so I started to price canvas and polypropylene bags. We're going with cotton, as it is the easiest to decorate (for instance, you cannot use an iron-on transfer on a polypropylene bag as that is essentially plastic).

I looked for bulk/wholesale/etc. bags and came upon many that were rather expensive (especially if the website was wedding-related).

Here are options I narrowed down looking for 100 bags:

Company: Discount Mugs
Size: 15" x 15"
Price per bag: $1.09
Shipping: Free/included
NB: They offer volume discounts (order more, save more); they also offer printing services

Company: Cheap Totes
Size: 14" x 16"
Price per bag: $0.99
Shipping: $22.99
NB: $0.99/each regardless of the amount ordered

Company: Tan's Club
Size: 15" x 16"
Price per bag: $0.75
Shipping: $27.48
NB: It's cheaper if you buy them by the dozen; they also offer volume discounts (making it cheaper than 75 cents each!) if you order more than 19 dozen.

I placed an order for the Tan's Club bags! Stay tuned for more updates and what we'll be doing with the bags.

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