Sunday, February 21, 2010

Marriage Moment: Changing your spouse

[This Sunday segment features marriage planning resources. As you're planning for your wedding, take some but be time out to focus on marriage. Remember, a wedding is a day – a marriage is a lifetime!]

The US Catholic Conference of Bishops has a website all about marriage, including sections for those preparing for marriage. The tools and information they include can be used for any religion, as they give you just that – tools and information (not heavy lectures).

A good article they have is regarding the thought that once you’re married you’ll be able to change your spouse for the better. It states that “personal change and growth can become issues in marriage because we develop at different rates.” Instead of trying to change your spouse, you should engage them in self-change by asking them to help and support you to change something in your life. Usually this helps to generate change in other spouse too (an example might be: you want them to exercise more, so you decide to start exercising and invite them along).

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