Thursday, February 18, 2010

Which One is it? Buffalo, Buffalo-Niagara, WNY, Niagara Falls?

Obviously, there is a bit more to the region -- but you get the point!

My hometown is Buffalo-Niagara, Western New York, Niagara Falls, Upstate New York or simply, Buffalo. Which one it is depends on who asks me. If they know that New York is more than a city, I usually tell them Upstate. If they know what Upstate is, I tell them Western... you get the picture.

We will be having wedding guests that originate from around the world (over 13 countries) and around the US (I can count at least 6). It's been interesting describing the region and answering their "what is there to do" questions. Many are surprised at the ample amount of attractions.

I'm proud to show-off the Buffalo-Niagara region (that's my favorite name to use... it's the best of both worlds and unites the best things we have to offer).

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