Thursday, May 28, 2009

20th Century Club

I called the Twentieth Century Club today (February 19, 2010) and they informed me that you "absolutely" need to know a Member in order to be sponsored to have a wedding reception at their facility. The Club does not facilitate sponsorship in any way. Once you found a Member (on your own) willing to sponsor you, you can call to speak with the Manager to set up your wedding date.

Steel from Buffalo Rising posted a story yesterday on the 20th Century Club, its history and architecture. I’ve heard great things about having wedding receptions there from many forums, as I discussed in a past post. Next time I'm in Buffalo I will definitely have to check it out!

It’s such a beautiful place!


  1. Complaints about the Twentieth Century Club
    1. Although I was advised to hire a police officer, and to pay $100 in cash to him, one was not in evidence during the assigned hours
    2. The elderly guests had to contend with six steps in order to enter the building. This does not conform to code.
    3. All of the entrees (salmon, chicken and vegetarian pasta) were mediocre at best and we heard complaints from many guests.
    4. The hors d’oeuvres were likewise unimaginative and lackluster.
    5. The fans that we were promised for the ballroom were not in evidence.
    6. On the day of the wedding, we attempted to drop off several items at noon and were told that the building would not be unlocked until 2:00. This was a terrible inconvenience.
    7. A large number of guests had their cake removed while they were dancing and therefore did not have any dessert. I understand that there was ice cream melting on the plats, but perhaps the staff could have replaced the melting dishes with fresh plates of cake only.

  2. Thank you for your comment.

    If you are the bride, I hope you still had a fabulous day. I had a rather horrific day with issues with vendors as well and I was fixed on what went wrong for awhile, so I know how you feel. Now being nearly a year after our wedding, I can say with certainty that while I have a much better understanding of organizing weddings and events (and I know what I would differently) I am very glad that the day came-and-went and I'm married to my wonderful husband. We both have some amazing memories of our wedding day.

    I would also ask that if you're able, please go to Wedding Wire ( and fill out a review of all of your wedding vendors, as this can only help other future brides and grooms who are unsure of who to trust/where to give their hard-earned money.