Monday, May 18, 2009

My Destination Wedding: Buffalo

I've been a transplanted Buffaloian for nearly the past decade. After living around the world, and currently in the Nation's capital, I've seen varying wedding traditions and cultures.

The main purpose of this blog? Well… as a transplanted Buffaloian who wants to get married in Buffalo-Niagara, where most of my family lives, I've found it difficult to research and preliminary-plan my wedding from afar. (I'm not sure if I want to hire a planner, but if I do, I definitely want to know what my comfort zone is: my parameters for the wedding; how much I'm willing to spend, etc. Prices and places are very different in Buffalo as compared to Washington, DC!)

While many sites and resources from the Buffalo area talk about "destination weddings" as meaning "a wedding in an exotic place, aka Mexico," I feel as if there are many people in my shoes: planning a wedding in their hometown from afar. I hope to shed light on area venues and vendors from my perspective.

I also hope to have some DIY tips and ideas that any bride or groom can use regardless if you're a Buffalo-Niagara Bride.

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